Have Fun!

Our members come both locally and from outside the region.  They all love the Indiana Dunes.  If you’re coming from out of the area, many of the things to do and places to stay can be found at our Indiana Dunes Tourism website.  For more in depth info on what to do in the park or questions we’ve been asked, check the questions below to find the answer.

Things to Do by Season

  1. View the wildflower show on Trail 2
  2. Watch the bird migration from atop the West Lot dune (or the viewing tower on Trail 10)
  3. Visit the Nature Center and view all of the new exhibits
  4. Shop at the Friends of Indiana Dunes Native Plant Sale in April
  5. Enjoy an early season grill-out by the Wilson Shelter
  6. Visit the daylighted sections of Dunes Creek for spawning steelhead trout
  7. Break out for a spring photo session with the kids
  8. Participate in bird-banding with the naturalist staff
  9. Take the season’s first climb to Mt. Tom
  10. Hike after dark to hear the newly arrived Whip-poor-wills or Woodcocks
  1. Spend the afternoon being lazy on the beach
  2. Hike Trail 9 for stunning views of Lake Michigan and the dune blowouts
  3. Try your hand at the annual Sand Sculpture contest (second Saturday in July)
  4. Bring a blanket for one of the two park-sponsored star gazes
  5. Capture some shots of a magnificent Lake Michigan sunset
  6. Join the naturalist for a hike or craft program at the Nature Center
  7. Climb Devil’s Slide. Run down Devil’s Slide. Repeat.
  8. Take the shuttle into the park for the annual Fireworks on the Lake event in July
  9. Go on an owl prowl with the park naturalists one night
  10. Take the Pavilion Sunset History Tour (regular, check interpretive schedule)


  1. Make your fall camping reservations early!
  2. Hike the fall flowers through Dunes Prairie Nature Preserve
  3. Visit the owl-banding station at night, leaving from the Nature Center (mid October- mid November)
  4. Enjoy the fall color from all three high dunes on Trail 8
  5. Watch the November gales bring high waves to Lake Michigan
  6. Tour the park’s pet cemetery on Halloween weekend with the naturalist
  7. Search for beach glass on a quieter beach with your favorite pooch
  8. Watch for migrating birds feeding over the Great Marsh
  9. Get historical with the French Fur Traders on the weekend after Labor Day
  10. Go geocaching with the family
  1. Strap on the cross-country skis and traverse the two groomed loops in the park
  2. Sip some hot cocoa while watching birds in the Nature Center
  3. Bring the sled and enjoy an afternoon zipping down Devil’s Slide
  4. Bring your family for the annual Christmas Eve Stroll
  5. Watch as the shelf ice builds from the beach
  6. Take in a short film at the newly remodeled Nature Center
  7. Join other geocachers for a winter meet-up at the Nature Center
  8. Take a winter moonlight stroll through the illuminated dune forest
  9. Take on a Friends sponsored snowshoe hike after a mid-winter lake effect event
  10. Bring your scout and pitch a tent for some winter camping

That’s a Good Question

  1. You should ban picnic tables in sandy areas.
  2. We want a refund because the raccoon stole all of our food.
  3. Can you remove this tree from my campsite so I can get Direct TV reception?
  4. Please pave all trails so they can be plowed in the winter time.
  5. Can you warm the beach water.
  6. Please design all park trails so that they do not go uphill.
  7. Will you build my campfire, I’ll pay you?
  8. When do the sharks come near the shore?
  9. Lake Michigan should be ADA accessible.
  10. Which dune top should we hike if we want to watch for whales?

Q. Why was the sand wet?

A.  Because the sea weed!

Q. What did Lake Michigan say to the Dunes

A.  Nothing, it just waved!

Q.  Is it dangerous to swim in Lake Michigan on a full stomach?

A.  Yes, it’s better to swim in water.